We use an ultra-new Heinrich Wagner Sinto core moulding machine featuring 1100x900x400+350 flask size and an hourly production rate of 120 flasks.

SEIATSU technology reduces casting strain and allows patterns with reduced draft angles to be used.

Fed by a CAP 8 automatic casting furnace (suitable for nodular cast iron) and a sand processing plant automatically controlled by a GSC (Green Sand Control), the moulding line receives controlled sand that’s modified to suit the planned production.


Our furnace department includes:

  • Three melting furnace type C55 MF, 5 MW.
  • One furnace type C28 MF, 3.5 MW.
  • One CAP (Coreless Automatic Press Pouring) 8 ton, 1.2 MW.


Now, we produce 160 tonnes of liquid cast iron each day, which is then checked (by thermal and quantometric analyses) and treated with specific additives.

One of the advantages is that the operator can monitor the entire process and coordinate it from a single control room.

After core assembly and pouring, the castings enter the Cooling House, where they remain until they have cooled.

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