The Ironcastings’s metallurgical laboratory is equipped with most advanced inspection instruments, thanks to which we are able to supply the high-quality castings to our customers and make products meeting comprehensive inspection requirements on chemical composition, mechanical properties, non-destructive testing and more.

  • Chemical Analysis:
    • ARL 3460 spectrometer (18 elements)
    • Leco CS744 (Carbon-Sulfer) analyzer
    • ARL 8860 spectrometer (26 elements)
  • Thermal Analysis:
    • ITACA X System
  • Mechanical Proprerties:
    • GALDABINI Traction machine
    • (Hardness tester 3.000 kg, type HECKERT
  • Metallurgical microstructure:
    • LEITZ metallograph microscope W/
    • (ZEISS metallograph microscope equipped with ZEISS last software for metallographic analysis according to ASTM 247 – ISO 9245-2 GJS Specifications (ZEN Core 4.2)
  • Green Sand Tests:
    • Complete Simpson Technologies apparatus for sand tests.
    • GSC – Automatic Green Sand Control
  • Dimensional testing:
    • GOM scan machine, type 5M
    • Calibers / Depth gauges


  • Non- destructive controls:
    • Ultrasonic system of “KRAUTKRAMER”


  • Final controls:
    • Visual-tactile comparators (SCRATA visual comaprators)
    • Thickness test

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