Ironcastings SPA is an Italian foundry specialized in the manufacturing of casting parts in of grey Iron (GJL) and ductile iron (GJS), and Isothermal ductile iron (IDI).
Our company was established in 2013, and was born thanks to know-how built up through more than 60 years’ experience, excellent technology and an outstanding team.

Ironcastings is located in Reggio Emilia, North of Italy, Only 150 km from Milan and 60 km from Bologna
We aim to be single point of contact for our clients, from the design of the component to the delivery of the finished product. A solid integrated process which takes place in our plant in Reggio Emilia allows IRONCASTINGS to offer to the customers a single point of contact for the supply machined, tested and certified.

We achieve our goal thanks to advanced facilities & instruments in a total area of the plant of 23,000 square meters, of which 11,000 square meters covered. The flask’s size is 1100x900x400+350 and has a capacity of 18 tons/hour
Our products cover a wide range of industries including trucks, wind power, forklifts, agricultural machinery, construction, pumps and so on.


As our intention has always been to enhance and implement our core business, we first decided to maintain the policy that brought us this far: customer satisfaction.

It's not just a goal, but an integral part of our corporate strategy: professionalism, expertise and full compliance with lead times combine with the quality of the end product and service offered, from design engineering to testing.








Ironcastings is specialized in the production of custom-made mechanical components based on the customers' drawings. Its markets cover Italy, Germany, France, UK, Czech Republic, Netherland, Slovakia and Austria. Ironcastings is aiming to land on USA and Canada Markets.


We have not yet reached our full production capacity, and investment in technology is the cornerstone on which we are building our future.

Meanwhile, we aim to increase our production volumes and degree of specialization.

Alongside: the sales trend. It's an indicative model that provides insight into the market trends in a given period of time and allows us to plan the next two years with confidence.